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    Automatic labeling machine

    1¡¢the host hardware imported from Germany (CAB brand), with high-tech 32-bit processors, 64MB RAM and 8MB flash memory, data processing speed is only at your fingertips, the operation panel or the motherboard saved text, graphics, specifications can be set at an extra memory card. Equipped with all the necessary interfaces: such as Ethernet, USB or digital computer link interface.
    2¡¢instant printing labeling system, ready for data import, sorting lines easily with any docking.
    3¡¢can be configured to print the contents of the software without the need to change the code, users can design their own print content;
    For cigarette tobacco logistics distribution, logistics and packaging of different warehousing send identification. In order to better promote the development of tobacco logistics automation, Tobacco Logistics Division I status specifically designed labeling machine, The equipment consists of computers, printers, SCM, PLC four parts, with a small ticket information is taken, a small ticket automatically print, positioning and paste functions. While small ticket details according to customer needs accurately reflect household name, quantity, brand, routes and delivery people, proofreading convenient. Automatic small ticket printing and labeling functions, effectively replaces the manual, reduce labor intensity and improve working efficiency.
    Technical Parameters
    1¡¢to adapt power: 50Hz/380V, three-phase five-wire system.
    2¡¢Power: <400W.
    3¡¢working pressure: dry air is not less than 0.5Mpa.
    4¡¢Air Consumption: 0.05m3/min / Taiwan
    5¡¢labeling accuracy: position error ¡À 5mm
    6¡¢the device noise: noise at 1m from the machine, less than or equal 70dB
    7¡¢ labeling machine speed: 20 bags / min
    8¡¢the label specification: support width 40-100mm, length ¡Ý 40mm between any size label.

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